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Welcome to Africa Australia Technology + Infrastructure Conference 2017 (AATIC).

AAIC groups

Africa Australia Technology + Infrastructure Conference (AATIC) is a one-stop forum for Australian and African micro-grid power stakeholders to meet, exchange valuable contacts and start partnerships.

As African countries grapple with huge financial commitments to build mega power plants and reliable transmission lines to wheel-out electricity to teeming population, Micro-grid energy sources are increasingly becoming the most cost-effective and swift options to attain uninterrupted power supply for more Africans.

Africa Australia Technology + Infrastructure Conference is designed to support African energy stakeholders’ efforts to attract more foreign investment into power sector through micro-grid technologies. AATIC is also positioned to give Australian micro-grid entrepreneurs an international platform to showcase their technologies and expand their business to high-demand electricity markets in African countries.


Participating African countries will present micro-grid power supply business opportunities in remote areas, mining projects, industrial clusters, universities, residential estates, hospitals and much more. AATIC will also present funded projects, embedded power generation and other micro-grid related investment opportunities in African countries.

Australian micro-grid stakeholders will present the latest micro-grid technologies in solar technology, wind technology, wave technology, modular technology, power storage technology, and hybrid technology among others.

AATIC 2017 will equally feature capital experts and unveil funding opportunities for micro-grid projects in African countries.


According to International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), off-grid renewables have gained significant traction in Africa, where more than 28.5 million people benefit from access to electricity through solar lighting products (Lighting Africa, 2015a).

In Australia, the Government passed a legislation to ensure that at least 33,000 Gigawatt-hour (GWh) of Australia’s electricity comes from renewable sources by 2020. Solar power and wind power are the most popular forms of off-grid renewables. Solar power is the preferred choice for northern parts of the country while wind power is more popular in the southern states.

Both technologies can be supported by energy storage systems such as batteries (source: cleanenergycouncil.org.au).

Way Forward

Breakout at AAIC conferenceConsidering the inadequate electricity supply and enormous capital needed to meet astronomical demand in African countries, AATIC believes Micro-grid energy sources present more economical options to achieve predictable and environment-friendly electricity for more Africans.

Africa Australia Technology + Infrastructure Conference 2017 will present technologies/business opportunities in Micro-grid subsectors, namely:

  • – Solar technology
  • – Wind technology
  • – Hybrid micro-grid technology
  • – Modular micro-grid technology
  • – Power storage technology
  • – Education on Micro-grid technologies
  • – Exhibition of latest micro-grid technologies
  • – Investment & Business Opportunities in African countries
  • – Keynote addresses and Panel discussions on funding, licensing, risks etc.


Register your interest now….click here.

To make a presentation at AATIC 2017, please send us expression of interest via email.

The closing date for all presentation requests is Friday 31st March 2017.

Download the AATIC 2017 Program Overview Here.

Micro-grid Masterclass

Education: Micro-grid MasterclassWe are excited to introduce a 2-Day Masterclass on Micro-grid immediately after AATIC 2017.

The Masterclass is designed to give delegates the opportunity to advance their micro-grid knowledge through Australian experts.

About the course:

This course will provide a new or relatively new entrant into the micro-grid power sector with a clear understanding of the fundamentals, workings and technical components of micro-grids in general, and its application in the Australian and global industry.

Participants will learn about different technologies in micro-grids ranging from solar technology, wind technology, Modular micro-grid technology, Hybrid micro-grid technology, Power storage technology, Project management and Maintenance methodologies.

You will gain a sound understanding for the terminology used within the industry and gain knowledge of the motivation and factors that influence the technical and broader industry personnel whom they interact with on a day-to-day basis. For those who need to become experts in the micro-grid power sector, this course will provide a fundamental background and starting point, and improve communication and negotiation with peers and stakeholders.

Register your interest now….click here.


Africa Australia Technology & Infrastructure Conference 2017.
Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th September 2017.

Micro-grids Masterclass
Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th September 2017

Guided Tour of Micro-grid sites in Perth.
Friday 8th September, 2017

Venue: Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCIWA), Perth, Western Australia.
Address: 180 Hay Street, East Perth, Western Australia.

Join us @ AATIC and be part of a new beginning for sustainable micro-grid power in Africa.

Register your interest now….click here.

See presentations from AATIC 2016 held on 6 September 2016 here.

AATIC 2017 will provide you with an excellent opportunity to:

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