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Welcome to Africa Australia Technology + Infrastructure Conference 2017 (AATIC).

AAIC groupsThis 2-day international conference is designed to enable win-win outcomes for African and Australian infrastructure stakeholders.

Since the inaugural conference in 2012 at the Sydney Exhibition & Convention Centre, African and Australian infrastructure stakeholders have utilised the AATIC platform to exchange valuable contacts, initiate business partnerships and share knowledge for mutual benefit.

Considering the urgent and inherent economic benefits for the African urban and rural populace to leap-frog into uninterrupted power supplies, AATIC 2017 will focus on Micro-grids and Renewable Energy sources, namely:


The key objectives for AATIC’s focus on Micro-grids and Renewable energy are:

  • – To give African power stakeholders the opportunity to learn from Australian successful deployment of Micro-grids and Renewable energy in remote communities and several mining sites.
  • – To introduce experienced Australian Micro-grids and Renewable energy operators to new export markets and investment opportunities in African countries.


According to World Bank, over 1.1 billion people globally are without access to electricity; about 88% live in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Micro grids could present a least?cost and timely option for up to 400 million people in these regions. Renewable Energy Micro-grids are now emerging as a scalable option for meeting the energy demand in Sub Saharan Africa (Worldbank, 2016).

The Africa Australia Technology & Infrastructure Conference serves as the leading business forum for Africans and Australians to engage on Renewable Energy Solutions, Micro-grid technology transfer, Skills/Training acquisition and vast investment opportunities.

The annual business-focused meeting features Government regulators, decision-makers and private sector representatives.

Join us @ AATIC and be part of the new beginning.

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See presentations from AATIC 2016 held on 6 September 2016 here.

Breakout at AAIC conferenceThe theme for AATIC 2017 is:

Powering Africa: Micro Grids and Renewable Energy.

Conference Venue: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCIWA),

180 Hay Street, East Perth, Western Australia.

Date: Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 September, 2017, TBC

AATIC 2017 will provide you with an excellent opportunity to:

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