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Our March newsletter to African renewable energy companies

Have you wondered how you could secure credible and tested international business partners for your renewable energy business? Do you think international business partnership with Australian renewable energy innovators could expand current scope of your business?

We present Africa Australia Technology + Infrastructure Conference (AATIC) 2018, an annual event dedicated to facilitating partnership between Australian and African renewable energy stakeholders.

This year’s conference will feature renewable energy technologies such as:

  • Case studies: Solar Technology
  • Case studies: Energy Storage Technology
  •  Case studies: Bioenergy Technology
  • Panel Discussion: Unlocking Australia Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Panel Discussion: Considering Partnership with IPP’s for Mining, and more.

Australia has great capacity in renewable energy technologies such as solarwindenergy efficiencyhydrobioenergyenergy storagegeothermal and marine.  Australia contributed to innovations in solar photovoltaic cell design and in solar thermal. Australian universities hold world records for high performing silicon photovoltaic cells in most categories and have developed commercial technologies including the ‘Sliver Cell’.

AATIC 2018 is assembling leading Australian renewable energy technology innovators, investors and experts for the 2-day event. These key stakeholders will gather in Perth to share their experiences, knowledge and partnership opportunities they are seeking in Africa.

You will learn more about renewable energy technologies developed in Australia.  AATIC 2018 will offer you several networking opportunities to meet and interact with key Australian and other African decision-makers.  The forum will equally present you with a rare opportunity to discover how you could become a representative for Australian technology company in your country. 

See the draft program here.

Interested in learning more?

Just contact our friendly AATIC team via Email or call +61(0)401 808 739 whenever is convenient for you, or better still register online now at

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