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Our March newsletter to Australian businesses

Do you know that Australian miners in Africa face significant power supply issues in their mining operations? Have you contemplated offering renewable energy technology to Australian miners battling unpredictable on-grid power supply and expensive fuel costs in Africa?We present Africa Australia Technology + Infrastructure Conference (AATIC) 2018, an annual event dedicated to facilitating partnership between Australian and African renewable energy stakeholders.

This year’s conference will feature mining-related topics such as:

  • Keynote: Renewable-led Off- grid and Diesel micro-grid in Mining: A Comparative Analysis.
  • Panel Discussion: Dissecting Energy Supply Issues in mining across Africa.
  • Panel Discussion: Integrating Off-grid Solar in Mining Projects in Africa: Reviewing Challenges and Opportunities.
  • Panel Discussion: Considering Partnership with IPP’s for Mining.
  • Case Studies: Mining Projects in Africa and more.

 Presently, more than 200 ASX-listed companies are operating over 700 mining projects in 35 countries in Africa. The $30 billion worth of investments are constantly challenged by insufficient on-grid power, expensive fuel and constraints of fuel supply logistics. Miners in Africa face an operating cost challenge to remain competitive in global commodities market 

AATIC 2018 is assembling Australian stakeholders mining in Africa, International consultants, Renewable energy innovators and African Government representatives for a 2-day event. These key stakeholders will gather in Perth to share their experiences, knowledge and critical entry steps for solution providers.

You will learn more about energy-related challenges miners face daily in Africa. The forum will also give you a rare opportunity to discover how your business could become a solution provider to Australians mining in Africa.  AATIC 2018 will offer you several networking opportunities to meet and interact with key decision-makers. 

See the draft program here.

Interested in learning more?

Just contact our friendly AATIC team via Email or call +61(0)401 808 739 whenever is convenient for you, or better still register online now at

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