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Dissecting Energy Supply Issues in Mining Operations Across Africa

Australian investment in Africa is estimated to be worth around $30 billion, which is equivalent to the combined total of investment in South Korea, India and Thailand. The majority is in mining, with more than 200 ASX-listed companies operating more than 700 projects in 35 countries. Lack of power supply is important for mining companies that are looking to develop new operations or to continue current operations across the continent. With electricity costs making up between 15% and 40% of the overall cost of a mining and processing operation, negative fluctuations in this area have a serious impact on the bottom-line of the investment.

We present Africa Australia Technology + Infrastructure Conference (AATIC) 2018, an annual event dedicated to facilitating partnership between Australian and African renewable energy stakeholders.

We are currently assembling African and Australian stakeholders that will proffer insights and answers to key questions such as those listed below:


  • What are the key energy challenges facing Australian miners in Africa?
  • Mining with unreliable on-grid power supply makes expensive fuel the alternative uninterrupted power source? Is this option sustainable into the future?
  • Examining cost implications of managing reliable fuel supply in remote mining sites, are there other viable sources of power for remote sites? What are they and how could they be harnessed?
  • In what ways could Australian and host African governments support the resolution of energy supply challenges in mining sector?
  • Could mining projects provide a springboard to test new energy technologies that can potentially supply power to off-grid communities in Africa?


AATIC 2018 provides you with a great platform to learn more about business opportunities in mining operations in Africa and equally meet Australian miners seeking IPP’s with capacity to resolve their energy supply issues.

Interested in learning more?

Just contact our friendly AATIC team via Email or call +61(0)401 808 739 whenever is convenient for you, or better still register online now.

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