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Navigating through sub-Saharan Africa evolving renewable energy markets

Africa’s current energy needs are met through a mix of bio-mass and fossil fuels. Biomass accounts for approximately half of Africa’s total primary energy supply. Coal and natural gas account for about 14% each, and oil approximately 22%. Hydropower represents about 1% of the total primary energy supply in Africa. While the resource base varies, all African countries possess significant renewable energy potential. The continent’s biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar and wind energy resources are among the best in the world. Several African countries have already succeeded in making steps necessary to scale up renewables, such as adoption of support policies, investment promotion and regional collaboration.

We present Africa Australia Technology + Infrastructure Conference (AATIC) 2018, an annual event dedicated to facilitating partnership between Australian and African renewable energy stakeholders.

We are currently assembling Australian and African stakeholders that will discuss and proffer insights to key questions such as those listed below:


  • Who are the leading players in Africa renewable energy markets? What are their key market offers to customers across countries in Africa?
  • Which African region is leading in addition of renewable energy in their energy mix? What is the key driving force behind the shift to renewable energy?
  • With the uptake of solar technology across many countries in Africa, what is the level of energy storage technology integration with solar systems in Africa?
  • With the advent of GSM-enabled mobile payment systems across countries in Africa, pay-as-you-go solar system seems to be gaining momentum as a reliable pre-pay option that ensures payment for both assets and energy? What are the key issues to consider in pay-as-you-go solar system as a market entry option?
  • Considering perception of increased risks in some countries in Africa touching on geopolitical and terrorism issues and commodity price volatility? What needs to happen to change these perceptions?
  • With insignificant presence of Australian brands in Africa multi-billion-dollar telecoms market, are Australian investors aware of similar emerging business opportunities in renewable energy markets across Africa? Could Australian Government Agencies do more and lead a deliberate awareness campaign?

AATIC 2018 provides you with a great platform to learn more about business opportunities in renewable energy markets across Africa and equally meet African stakeholders seeking business partnership with Australian renewable energy solution providers.

Interested in learning more?

Just contact our friendly AATIC team via Email or call +61(0)401 808 739 whenever is convenient for you, or better still register online now.

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