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OctoberFirst Consulting

OctoberFirst Consulting is the founder and producer of Africa Australia Infrastructure Conference. We are a Sydney based international communication firm committed to identifying and promoting business opportunities in Africa. We consistently strive to match-make and develop mutually beneficial business relationship between corporate entities in Australia and Africa. Our unique Africa market entry solutions include but are not limited to Africa Market Entry Research, Short-listing Partner(s) and Cross-Cultural business communication.

Africa Market Entry Research:

At OctoberFirst Consulting, one of the key elements of our Africa market entry solutions is research. The market research component is designed to assist our client to properly understand the proposed market dynamics from the inside out. To achieve desired research outcomes, we collaborate with reputable and associated research company based in each country we are prospecting for a client.

Research Objectives:

  • To measure the capacity of local players  in our client  niche market
  • To gauge local market reaction to our client products/services sample(s)
  • To evaluate attitude, competence and experience  of  potential partners in the local market
  • To indentify  unique selling points of competing brands in the local market
  • To identify key stakeholders and collect data of potential partners among others.

Short listing of Potential Partner(s) in Africa.

A key essence for success in a new market is to identify and establish relationship with the ‘Right Business Partner’. We at OctoberFirst Consulting appreciate the huge importance of this aspect and are willing to invest the necessary time and effort to get it right. We understand that each client have their unique selection criteria, as such; we work with our client’s briefing to establish credible business relationship with their preferred business partner in a new market. The process involve direct meeting with shortlisted partner(s) and disclosure of our client suggested terms and conditions for the proposed business partnership.

Short listing Objectives:

  • To meet and asses each prospective partner in their operational environment
  • To inspect and understand their management and technical capabilities
  • To interact face-to-face with key decision-makers in the organisation
  • To disclose and discuss our client suggested terms and conditions for the proposed business partnership.

Business-to-Business Relationship management

We offer ongoing international corporate business-to-business relationship management. We assist new and existing international business partners develop confidence and clear understanding of their sensitive and ethical business expectations from both sides. Our business-to-business communication management also enable new business partners to be aware of their different business-related cross-cultural issues and reach an understanding that will mutually benefit both partners.

For more information and request for a proposal, please email OctoberFirst Sydney here.

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