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Several of our speakers have kindly shared their presentations as PDF files:

Dr. Gloria, Sibusisiwe Magombo, MSc Mech.Eng., MBA., PhD (Hon.) Pr. Eng., FZIE – CEO – Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA). Zimbabwe Renewable Energy Investment Opportunity.

Pavel Robert Oimeke – Director General, Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), Kenya. Renewable Energy Investment Opportunties in Kenya.

Euan Beaumont – Energy Farmers Australia. Energy Farmers Biomass Presentation.

Vaughan Boultwood – International Manager, Solahart Industries Pty Ltd. Solahart Industries.

Andrew Dickson – CWP Renewables. CWP Renewables Presentation.

Professor Tyrone Fernando – Director Power & Clean Energy Research Group (PACE), University of Western Australia. Demand-Side Regulation Provision from Industrial Loads for Ancillary Service.

Andre Garnaut – Director, Resources WA Pty Ltd. RESOURCESWA Enhancing Hybrid Power Integration.

Honor Iosif – Export Council of Australia. Export Council of Australia Presentation.

Jon Keeble – WattWatchers. Wattwatchers Presentation.

Prof. Chem Nayar – Director, Regen Power. Renewable-led Off grid Vs Diesel Micro-grid.


PDF files of several of the AATIC 2017 presentations are available here for you to view or download:

Variable Speed Diesel, University of Tasmania – Dr James Hamilton

Ekistica AATC Minigrids – Paul Rodden & Lyndon Frearson, Ekistica

Carnegie Clean Energy- John Davidson

Wattwatchers_Africa – Jon Keeble

Microgrids with blockchain enabled trading – Vinod Tiwari

Regen Power African conference 2017 – Prof. Chem Nayar

PwC Powering Africa Presentation CG (4.09.17) – Charlie Grover

Uniflow Power Short Presentation September 2017 – Michael McCann

ARENA Microgrid Presentation 5 September 2017 – Chris Twomey

Ethiopia Presentation – Jemal Beker Abdula

Africa Australia Infrastructure Conference – Tom Vogan

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