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    Delegates at our 2018 Conference

    Delegates at our 2018 Conference

    Africa Australia Renewable Energy + Infrastructure Conference (AAREIC) is the one-stop annual forum where Australian and African renewable energy stakeholders meet to explore business opportunities, share knowledge and exchange valuable contacts. The two-day international conference series is an integral part of Africa Week supported by Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT).

    AAREIC 2019 focuses on renewable-led microgrids as the building blocks of energy future for mining sector and African countries.  The premier event seeks to illuminate the future of renewable energy in mining, offers a rare platform for Australian solution providers to pitch latest technologies to stakeholders from export markets in Africa while decision-makers from Africa will correspondingly present investment opportunities in their local markets.

    The international event offers delegates two impactful days of keynote addresses, interactive panel discussions, case studies plus multiple networking opportunities.

    You can be part of the great and close-knit meetings!!

    AAREIC 2019 Conference Day One: 1-Day Meeting on Renewable Power of the Mine

    Theme: Forecasting Future of Renewable Energy in Mining

    Amb. Jon Richardson, former Australian ambassador to Nigeria, who chaired AATIC 2018

    Amb. Jon Richardson, former Australian ambassador to Nigeria, who chaired AATIC 2018

    From recent industry trends, the role renewables will play in mining is not as remote or futuristic as one may think. The arguments for large investments in renewable energy now go beyond sustainability and social responsibility, and have now become a solid economic reason for miners (source: Ernst & Young).

    From emerging to frontier mining jurisdictions, the need for alternative energy sources is amplified as mining and metal companies have to compete with both governments and communities for these scarce resources. Rarely does the economic value created with energy use come into allocation decisions. This has a direct impact on mining all-too-important social license to operate (source: Ernst & Young).

    Two of the key issues associated with integration of renewables in mining instead of reliance on national grids and fossil-fuelled generators includes but not limited to the following:

    • Remote locations – despite having extensive energy requirements, many mines are located in remote locations far from the power grid. Therefore, miners often deal with transporting diesel fuel over extremely long distances to feed on-site generators. The more remote the mine, the more likely alternative power solutions are required
    • Mitigating risk – an alternate energy strategy can help mining companies achieve energy security, reduce exposure to energy price volatility and improve energy price prediction. Many of the world’s largest mining companies are evaluating greater use of renewable energy plants —a trend set to intensify rapidly (source: Ernst & Young)

    1-Day Meeting on Renewable Power of the Mine presents a unique and cost-effective forum for you to learn more on fast-evolving role of renewable energy in mining. The 1-day meeting features an assembly of renowned renewable energy experts, Government representatives and leading mining stakeholders who will deliver impactful case studies and participate in knowledge-driven panel discussions.

    Why attend?

    • Opportunity to learn about latest developments on renewable energy in mining
    • A forum to discover global trends of energy storage technologies in mining
    • A meeting to get real-time answer(s) to issues in renewable energy integration in mining project(s) among others.

    AAMEG1-Day Meeting on Renewable Power of the Mine is sponsored by Australia Africa Minerals & Energy Group (AAMEG).

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    AAREIC 2019 Conference Day Two: 1-Day Business Forum on Renewables-led Microgrids

    Theme:  Interrogating Microgrids As Building Blocks for Africa Energy Future

    Hon Ivan Collendavelloo

    Hon Ivan Collendavelloo

    Australia has the highest penetration of rooftop solar of any country in the world with more than: 

    • 6 million small-scale systems and
    • over 1 million solar water heaters and air source heat pumps

    These installed microgrids generate or displace a total of 10 million megawatt hours of electricity (source: Australia Clean Energy Report).  In Africa, unreliable, insufficient and costly power generation and distribution across the continent has arguably been the Achilles heel to higher and more inclusive growth and socio-economic development of the region. 

    However, a general increase in household income levels in Africa has facilitated the emergence of a growing African middle class, which has been coupled with increased household consumption expenditure and boosted demand for energy.

    Three key industries in Africa will require an increasing amount of electricity and thus result in higher power demand. These include the mineral resources and related value-adding activities; consumer and retail-related manufacturing; and agriculture and agribusiness (source Deloitte).

    Why attend?

    • You will get the opportunity to meet Australian experts, discover emerging technologies and gain insights into key issues resolved by stakeholders in Australia
    • You will meet key decision-makers from several countries in Africa seeking new ideas and investments into their local market among others.

    Register for 1-Day Business Forum on Renewable-led Microgrids only.


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     AAREIC 2019 draft program can be found here.

    There are four easy ways to register:


    Africa Australia Renewable Energy & Infrastructure Conference 2019.

    Dates: Monday 2nd September & Tuesday 3rd September 2019

    Venue: Mantra on Hay.

    Address: 201 Hay St, East Perth, WA 6004.

    You are most welcome to join us @ #AAREIC 2019 in Perth …


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