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AATIC 2016

AATIC 2016 Panel Discussion

Welcome to Africa Australia Technology + Infrastructure Conference 2018.

AATIC 2018 theme: Powering Africa with Renewables-led Microgrids

Africa Australia Technology + Infrastructure Conference (AATIC) is the one-stop annual forum where Australian and African renewable energy stakeholders meet to explore business opportunities, share knowledge and exchange valuable contacts. The two-day international event is an integral part of Africa Week supported by Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT).

AATIC is an international forum where leading stakeholders in the renewable energy sector acquire the latest knowledge on evolving technologies and equally gain new international market access. We are dedicated to achieving these key objectives by featuring leading Australian technology innovators and key decision-makers from export markets in Africa.

Over the years, international events have made it far easier than at any time in history for small and large enterprises to grow beyond their domestic market. We believe AATIC is a catalyst for such international business growth and a unique forum where Australians reach-out to African countries they could only imagine before. AATIC also opens doors for African stakeholders to meet and share their business opportunities with Australian decision-makers from several companies.

The annual conference is primarily focused on creating great networking opportunities where delegates interact, share industry trends and discuss market entry challenges.

Why attend Africa Australia Technology + Infrastructure Conference?

  • It’s where to meet Australian microgrid innovators interested in Africa export markets
  • International forum to interact with African decision-makers promoting investment opportunities in their local sector.
  • Great forum to learn more about technology export funds available in Australia
  • Platform to meet Africa renewable energy private sector stakeholders aspiring to partner with their Australian counterparts.
  • Forum to learn how to break barriers to exporting to emerging markets in Africa
  • Unique meeting place to learn about African Government regulations, incentives and market entry licensing procedures for each country represented at the conference.


Interested in learning more?

Just contact our friendly AATIC team via Email or call +61(0)401 808 739 whenever is convenient for you, or better still click here and register now.

To download the draft AATIC 2018 program, please click here.

Call for AATIC Presenters

AATIC 2016

The management of AATIC 2018 invites African and Australian renewable energy stakeholders to register their interest to present at the forthcoming Africa Australia Technology + Infrastructure Conference to be held at Mantra at Hay, Perth, Western Australia.

African stakeholders are invited to present project(s) and investment opportunities while Australians are encouraged to present export-ready technologies and project funding opportunities among others.

Government representatives, Investors, Experts, Renewable energy innovators, Micro-grid and Irrigation stakeholders are invited to complete brief expression of interest form below.

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AATIC 2017You are invited to register your interest to attend Africa Australia Technology + Infrastructure Conference 2018. Join our mailing list on this page to register your interest and receive regular email updates.

Africa Australia Technology & Infrastructure Conference 2018.

Dates: Micro-grid & Renewable Energy: Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th August 2018:

Venue: Mantra on Murray.

Address: 305 Murray St, Perth WA 6000.

AATIC 2019 will feature: Irrigation Technologies.

The management of AATIC recognises the enormous irrigation-related challenges faced by Sub-Saharan African farmers in contrast to vast irrigation technologies available to farmers in Australia. We are excited to announce the introduction of Irrigation Technology as part of Africa Australia Technology + Infrastructure Conference 2019.

Below are couple of irrigation facts to consider:

  • Fact: Sub-Saharan Africa irrigation is not widespread, covering only 7% of the total cultivated area of 183 million hectares. This is by far the lowest proportion of irrigation anywhere in the world.
  • Fact: Upfront investment imitative has led to a rental market emerging in sub-Saharan Africa irrigation sector, entrepreneurs either rent out pumps to farmers by the day or season, or even provide an irrigation service themselves.

AATIC 2019 will offer stakeholders from both sides several interactive forums to discuss regulatory frameworks and other market entry issues in participating African countries.

To register your interest in the AATIC 2019 Irrigation Break-out Session, please click here.

Join us @ AATIC 2018 and engage with potential business partners.

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